Henry Bialowas - Musician

fp musicianHenry is a self-taught musician who began playing on leaving school in the sixties. At which time he played electric bass with the Debonairs dance band in the Bathurst district as well as several Rock and Roll groups before becoming interested in Jazz.

In the early seventies, he auditioned and was accepted into the first year of the Jazz studies course at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, then led by American saxophonist Howie Smith. Among his tutors were Don Burrows, George Golla and Howie Smith.

For several years in Melbourne, he played with a number of Jazz groups.

Returning to Bathurst in the eighties, and taking up the double bass, Henry has taken part in some thirty or forty musicals, became a member of the Bathurst Chamber Orchestra, The Macquarie Philharmonia, the Macquarie Male Singers as well as playing with the Bathurst RSL Concert Band and several Jazz groups.